Our Mission


Our mission is to empower and support artisans and vulnerable communities from around the world and create a special online shopping experience with unique products that have been ethically made and generate meaningful income to artisans, their families, and their communities.









We work with artisan collectives and organizations that ensure fair trade practices and promote fair trade values to build sustainable businesses to support artisan's families and their communities. Our skilled artisans and makers earn a fair wage, have a safe and healthy place to work and are treated with dignity and respect. 



We are committed to respect the planet and the people and animals on it. Our goal is to have as little impact as little impact as possible. In Osadia Concept Store we promote the intelligent consumption of resources and the use of recycled, renewable, sustainable and natural materials.    




We prioritize working with artisans with limited access to markets and social enterprises or community-based organizations that promote basic human rights and have a focus on empowering the most marginalized and vulnerable populations around the world. 


We promote designs that are rich in culture and preserve ancient traditions and handcraft techniques passed through generations. Our products celebrate the cultural diversity of communities around the world.